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Default Impressions about the X-Fi technology

So I wanna know how Zen X-Fi users think about the X-Fi sound. Describe your own audio experiences while listening your favourable genre. What are your settings? (format, bitrate, loudness level of the player...)

I find that my preferring genre (Rock, Metal, Hardcore [Punk]) benifits from the X-Fi Crystalizer. The drums sounds much more lively and clean so does the whole acoustic spectrum. Maybe sometimes the bass should be a bit more present beneath the drum attacks but ok

Settings are:

X-Fi Crystalizer @ max.
X-Fi Expander @ off
Creative EP-830
mp3s mostly static @ 192 kbs - 320 [maybe vbrs sounds even better?]
loudness level 17/18 for full listen enjoyment
1.04.08 Firmware
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