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Hi first ever post, so, briefly off topic, thanks SO much for all the great info on this site - it has smoothed my path to enjoying my x-fi very much. Back on topic, i have been using the upgraded firmware for about a week now.

Sound quality - no difference that i can notice - possibly a bit quieter if anything, but i upgraded using Europe, and my player was sourced in asia. I still often listen on setting 1 tho if i am in a quiet place, so no biggie. The x-fi setting still works where i liked it before, and i prefer it off where i preffered it off before too.

Radio - possibly a bit more sensitive - when i re-scanned after installing the firmware i got 5 rather than 3 stations - reception is good, but then it was before-hand too.

Random play problem (where the player repeats the track just paid) - gone! Hooray!! I 've prob listened to about 15 hours of random play since the upgrade, and no repeated track, tho (as ever) some seem to feature more frequently than others.

Video - no discernable difference, tho i had sorted the probs with sound and images being out of sync by following the advice on other threads in this forum - thanks BobbyRS :-)

Perhaps my most helpful input is about the actual firmware upgrade. I had problems. After installing the upgrade, my computer could not see any on the songs or playlists on the player, no matter if i used Creatice Centrale, My Computer, of WMP. I reset the player - no joy. I used the Creative MP3 Recovery tool from their web-site to re-install the firmware upgrade - no joy. i reset the player and rebooted the computer. No joy. THEN, I put the X-FI into recover mode (following the link from Bobby RS, above) selected clean-up, then rebooted the player - Result. All the songs were once more recognised by the computer. No need to re-format the player. However, I would suggest that BEFORE installing this firmware upgrade you may wish to back-up all your songs to your hard disk, just in case.

All in all - the firmware is worth installing just because of the fix for the random play song-repeat issue, imho. Later... :-)
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