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Default Firmware update problem

I really need help!
I'm in La Fleur 3.06 KV, but I want to change to MSC 3.06 US. I've tried putting it into the root folder. Nothing works. I have the tcctool.exe thing. But can't install it by using it.
PLUS does anyone know how to get all the artists and albums in order. Mine are all in Unknown, even though they are perfect on the computer?
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There are 42000 members on this forum. Nothing makes your problem more important than that of anyone else, and therefore the original title of "everyone MUST READ" has been changed. Read the text over the topic title input field about DESCRIPTIVE topic titles next time
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Is this your first time to update firmware or you have updated your firmware successfully before?
And what do you mean with "but can't install it by using it"?
What format do you use for your songs? Because I read that T10 can't read aac n ogg tag perfectly.

I hope it helps because I'm newbie and just got my T10 yesterday
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There is no such thing as a MSC US..

Patching a T10.

This is the easiest way to do it, I think
Grab the and unzip it to a simple folder say in drive C:\ , I just use "la" only because at that time I did not know how to spell LaFleur
tcctool link
Or say use msc a folder name if you are using that version.

***Use Winzip its far easier to use.***

Then get hold of patch_it.bat and copy that to the same folder.
patch_it.bat link
Get the T10 Firmware files from here
Unzip the files to the same directory as above and also to the DATA directory of the T10, I had a MTP US firmware, if you are using MSC firmware copy the 2 files to the root/base of the T10, ie, the drive letter of the T10.
This is what it looks like for me using the LaFleur Firmware version
Then hold the power button and press the reset button
release the power button when your PC shows "new device/hardware found"
Do not let windows search for the driver, you must select it manually, you should point to this location as in my case C:\la\tcctool-driver-win32
After that is done just double click on patch_it.bat, I then got a dos window and after download finished , I got a paused message and to hit any key.
I think this is a lot easier than using the Run/Cmd thing.

P.S dont forget to backup your T10 files first, before you do the format thing.
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