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Originally Posted by LatinLad View Post
I have some but it has never given me issues. I've had them on for months. I really don;t want to reformat the dang thing. That would take forever and a day!
Not formating these players and buggy firmware is why most novice or uninformed users return their players as broken.
Thanks to folks who are too lazy to maintain these wiz-bang toys the 8gb Pilot can be had for under $50.

Now if you paided retail for the Pilot, your best option is to return the player ASAP!

I really don't need any more disposible players, but I have told my friends to keep an eye on BB's "uniformed" customer return aution sites.
Buying inferior DRM lock music is successful for the RIAA
but only with ignorant consumers.
Buy used CD's and resell 'em
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