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Default Does the Fuze meet my criteria?

Ok, here are my criterias for a new player. I am eyeing the fuze, but I hope it meets the following:

1) Everytime I play a song on the player, when I sync it back to WMP, I want the playcounts in WMp to updae accordingly, similar to iTunes.

2) I also want playlists I make in WMP to sync to the player.

3) I want the player to not turn on from the off position if the hold switch is on.

Does the Fuze meet those? I really hope so, I have had Sansa's before and liked them, and I REALLY don't want to get an iPod!! The problem is that other manufacturers are emulating the asthetics of the Ipods, but not emulating the functionality...or not making it clear what features they do have on packaging/websites.

Thanks in advance *crosses fingers*.
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1) doesn't work (didn't try it)
2) doesn't seem to work (didn't try it)
3) works

Someone plz correct me if I'm wrong on the first 2 points, as I didn't try this myself.
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1. No.
2.Yes, WMP can sync playlists to the player without any problems.
3. Answered above.
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