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1. It has a missing image placeholder. The track info display format does does not change.

2. A full charge from empty takes about 3 hours. Not sure after only using it for 3 hours, but you'll still have a nearly full charge at that point, so it won't be very long.

3. Like advcomp said, it's fully integrated on the player and appears as two devices to the computer.

4. Audiobooks and podcasts are the same as the Clip with the latest FW. It works like advcomp described.

5. Ogg would in theory use more battery power due to the greater computational complexity. As would FLAC due to increased memory access. MP3 is probably the best for battery, with WMA somewhere in between MP3 and Ogg. In practice though, I don't think the differences are really that great. Probably a few percent between the worst and best.

6. The buttons require a pretty firm press, so that's not really a problem. But the wheel could be easilly turned, changing your volume. If you're just sitting somewhere, it's probably fine. If you are moving around a lot, the wheel might be an issue.

The Fuze rocks, you won't be disappointed. It's definitely the best value in Flash players right now and one of the very best for sound quality.
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