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Default 8 GB Fuze having various issues

The first time I tried to play music with my Fuze, after fully charging it and loading music, it would not play files, would not change tracks when I told it to, and had strange labeling issues with files. I called support, was given a walkthru of reformatting the player and messing with the MTP/MSC setting. This worked, and the Fuze worked perfectly.

I now have the same problem again, and before I have to reload all of my music, I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this and knows of an easier workaround, and also what causes the problems in the first place. The tech I spoke to (who was helpful) said he had heard these same issues from other callers. Thanks for any help.
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the first thing I did when I got my Fuze was upgrade the firmware. Even after only being out 2 months I found that I had old firmware on my player. That *should* correct most of your problems?.

Wish I could help more but I've not experienced the problems that you've been experiencing with your Fuze. Good luck.
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Sometimes weird playback issues can be caused by bad tags. Make sure your tags are in ID3v2.3 ISO format. MP3Tag can for this for you.

Also make sure you have the latest FW, as sansaguy said.
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It was the tags being a bit goofed, if anybody else has similar problems. This thing can be a little picky about that.
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