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Default Only Title in Playlist shown

Some of my Playlists, created with Playlist Creator 3, show only the Title from the song. Other Playlists show first the Artist and then the Title. I need also shown the Artist as for example "Artist - Title". I think it could be a problem of the ID - Tags. All my MP3s are made by myself with Exact Audio Copy and Lame for compressing from bouhgt CDs. The ID - Tags made with Lame work fine in BPM - Studio Pro which i use in mobile Disco. Any ideas for this problem?
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Click Settings at the top. On the left panel, click MP3. Change the title mask to
%1 - %2
Make sure that the check box is checked, too.

Hope that works!
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Where at least changed, but no effects. The Playlist is only shown by title.
Here is the solution: Delete all MP3 Tags and load the MP3s to the player and make a playlist. Then is in the playlist shown: Artist - Title. So far so good, but when you play the song there ist shown: unknown - unknown and below with automatic scrolling: Artist - Title. If you only look at the playlist i solved the problem but you are then unable to sort by album or other Tag - Informations. What a pity.......
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