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HAHAHA Yes, I DID mean MTP....there's so many abbreviations anymore my head is about to explode trying to get them all right sometimes...thanks for the correction....and thanks for checking Scuba...

Well, I dunno if I should worry about this...I guess I'll wait and use the return policy when it's convenient for a better upgrade....although It would be hard to get rid of my's SOOOOO much better in nearly every way from the IPoop I once owned (yeah I drank the was a quick sip and I didn't like it)
I actually bought my T10 then traded in my IPoop for an old Atari 2600 and some cartridges...although the Joysticks were not good, the paddles and driving controllers worked fine...

I STILL feel I got the better deal there!

I just wish my T10 was about 16GB....Like the Sansa View? I originally bought...but it failed in every category..was unstable...froze ALOT..and I chose to have 4GB of OUTSTANDING over 16 of 30 of...IPoop...

Even with the mic issue..I am MORE than satisfied....still thinking of cracking out of the BB firmware...gonna do it someday....
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