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I got a Fuse today and compared it to a Sony NWZ-A828 and Samsung YP-P2 (before I took them back). The Sony was $270 and the P2 was $135 w/$15 discount at Circuitcity. Using my old Sony ear buds and also the ones from the A828 I actually liked the Fuse sound better than the Sony. The YP-P2 doesn't have much volume and I don't like the build quality. The YP-P2 has too many problems, bluetooth, firmware, software... wasted way too much time with it. It's suppose to be used to listen to music, not a hobby to make it work!
The Sony's Pro software did convert dvr-ms files... I liked that, but the quality was really bad. No way to control settings for conversion. The Sandisk software converted the dvr-ms files, but the sound was not sync'd to the video. I used VideoRedo to eliminate the commercials and save the dvr-ms files at mpg4 and then used the Sandisk software to put on the Fuse and it was perfect. I would rate the display of the Fuse better than the A828 using this method.
At $60, with this SQ and display I think it a great little player with a very good quality build. I don't feel I need to pay extra for insurance.
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