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Default Good message to consumers...

As I said, I use Linux so I don't have the problem with windows not recognising the player.

It's still not good for samsung to be telling consumers to either downgrade Windows Media Player, or their entire OS to get the player to work (or install Korean firmware!). Especially when people can go out, buy an ipod and have no trouble at all! I don't blame Samsung for the issues with MTP getting broken. I'm sure that they complied with all of Microsoft's specs, which were then changed. I guess I'm biased, but I think it's Microsoft's responsibility to ensure back compatibility, especially for devices that are only a year or so old! I do fell, however, that samsung will be better served if they forget MTP altogether in their devices.

It's a shame, I love my T10, and show off it's cool features to every ipod wielding friend of mine (especially the ones who ride the bus, and don't hear their phone ringing while mine cuts right in on the T10)! I'd be less inclined to recommend it to people now, especially if they use Vista.

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