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Originally Posted by Kitkat973 View Post
1. audio files and ebooks are both "bookmarked" in the recent files folder along with video files.

2. Your spot will be remembered on shutdown, but you'll have to go into the recent files folder and start the audio up from there - it won't automatically be playing when you boot up. Not sure if opening the track from the browser will take you to the "saved" point or not.

3. Yeah, it does.

4. Yup, it'll play sequentially and you can set the boundaries to single track, folder, or all. You can also decide if you want to shuffle the tracks or not.

Hope this is of help.
Thanks a bunch! I spent an ungodly amount of time reading reviews about O2 and other players. No mention about their performance as audiobook players. One reviewer is recommending as good audiobook players machines that have no autoresume functions whatsoever or bookmarking. Good luck with that. I really like the recent file feature (auto bookmarking?) as I often jump between a couple of audiobooks and music and I never set bookmarks myself. Uh, it's too hard I need the autoresume feature for serious listening. It would be nice if it could be set to autoresume immediately upon booting but as long as it remembers where I left off I can live with having to make a few taps on the screen. The seek bar and the recent file feature more than make up for this. In addition to this I might get a small zen for its instant gratification autoresume function when I'm listening to very long books.
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