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Originally Posted by tigerdad119 View Post
BobbyRS - thanks for tips I've treid everything 2-3 times and still no success do I have to try and find a replacement motherboard ?
No problem. No... it sounds like you issue is with the computer and not with the ZVM. You said Device Manager sees the ZVM with no error, so the ZVM seems to be fine. Something is interferring with the Creative software detecting the ZVM.

This time (on the XP computer):

- make sure the Creative software is still uninstalled.
- with the ZVM plugged in, uninstall its driver from Device Manager and unplug.
- uninstall WMP11. Make sure it really is uninstalled. See here.
- see if WMP reverts back to WMP10. If it doesn't install WMP10 from here.
- after WMP10 is installed, then plug in the ZVM and see how everything is detected.
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