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Originally Posted by digibob View Post
Simple? Maybe.but a bit time consuming.
I have a zen vision m and itunes doesn't like it.I use recording software to record "what u hear" while i'm listening to the song from itunes and then save it as a wave file to a folder on my hd. (You can record anything you hear from any format). Now I have a backup. Then I put in my wave editor and chop of the silence on each end and save as a wma file. You can save it as an mp3 as well. Then I bring it into wmp11, create a playlist and sync it to my device.
You can manually add all the info about the song in wmp,but no art...which is okay because I don't look at the sceen while i'm listing to my player. It's usually in my pocket.
..... and that's not time consuming? I would still prefer burning them to CD and re-ripping to the exact quality and format I would want without any further recordings or conversions to degrade the sound quality.
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