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Default Try This !

Try this, it works great for me and pairs easily with my NWZ A828. Also, the bluetooth audio quality is fantastic. You can thank a member from another forum (VFerrari) for the idea. I've had my Belkin car adapter and Insignia bluetooth reciever for about 4 months now.

"In-car audio:

For car audio quality, I am a big believer in plugging your player directly into the aux jack of your car's sound system rather than the significantly degraded audio provided by most FM transmitters. However, since I take my diminutive Insignia Pilot player practically everywhere I go, its not practical to keep the player permanently plugged into the aux jack of my car's sound system nor is it wise to keep plugging and unplugging every time I enter and leave the car. Plus I have more flexibility to place the player where I want when its not tethered to the aux jack patch cord. Problem solved with bluetooth.

I have a simple $6 Insignia bluetooth ipod dock adapter that I connect to an ipod power/audio auto kit (about $20). The auto kit consists simply of a cigarette lighter adapter for power, an ipod dock connector (into which I have the insigna bluetooth receiver, and a wired 3.5 mm mini-adaptor stereo patch cord that I plug directly into the auxiliary input of my car sound system and into the aux connector on the auto adapter. Now whenever I enter the car, the player automatically pairs up with the bluetooth receiver which powers on as soon as I turn on the ignition. When I leave the car, turn off the ignition, everything powers down. If I leave the player in the car, it is automatically paused when the bluetooth receiver powers down and eventually shuts off based on the power saver settings (IOW I don't even have to shut off the player when I leave it in the car, it does it on its own when bluetooth disconnects). Since the player is small and is not physically "tethered" to the aux jack or bluetooth/ipod adaptor, I use it as its own "remote control" to skip to the next track or change the playlist and place it anywhere within convenient reach to me while in the car.

One minor drawback to this setup is that I need a separate power source/adapter if I want to charge the player while in the car. "

Good luck!
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