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Originally Posted by JunglePimp View Post
1. SD integration:
What do you need that for? If you already have 32 gigs on your player, it is a rare possibility that you would require anything further, and even if you do somehow, you'll fill your slot with an 8gb card, which would have movies and music? Would t be THAT BIG A PAIN IN THE ARSE to browse through it? After all your major content is on your player already!
For expansion of course. My 32GB Zen is full. Many others I know, have 100's of GB's of files. 32GB is no where need what they need. It just barely fits all of my files. When the ID3 tags get integrated, it is easier for playlists, bookmarks, resume playback, sorting, etc... I want all of my content to fit on the internal storage and have the external storage have the same feature set.

Originally Posted by JunglePimp View Post
2. Buttons:
Personally I've never had a problem with the buttons, my fingers move pretty naturally with them, its just 4 way direction pad at the basic level!
Up, down, right & left, that's about it.
My biggest complaint with the Zen X-Fi. I HATE those buttons. Either my fingers are too big or the buttons are too small. I'll take a control pad over them any day. They make using the Zen X-Fi almost impossible for me. Have you ever used the pad on the regular Zen or used it enough to get used to it? When you do, switching to the buttons are cumbersome.

Originally Posted by JunglePimp View Post
3. X-Fi Audio:
Setting it at max obviously makes the songs sound as if someone was pinching them with a knife in the butts, but otherwise, when i compare the sound with X-fi on VS X-fi turned of, I can almost experience heaven and hell down under.
Yes, to each his own.... No where enough of an "improvement" to be considered an upgrade over the regular Zen, IMO.
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