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Default Question about rockbox (database question)

I have an iRiver H120 (old, I know) that I just installed Rockbox on. I can't seem to get the database updates to work though. I have 15 gigs of music on my iRiver (out of 20 gigs total) and I went in and selected "Update Now" in the database menu. It says that it's upgrading the database in the background, but doesn't seem to offer me any way to measure the completion rate. If I try to browse by database options instead of file names/folders, every time I select the various id3 categories (artist, album, genre, etc.) just give me a "database not ready" message.

Any help?
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It takes a long time for the database to build the first time. On my 30GB iAudio X5 it takes maybe 10 or 20 minutes to build the DB. After that Rockbox needs to be restarted for ID3 browsing to work.

If you rather browse by folder/filenames than ID3 tags, then you won't need the database at all.
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Well, my mp3 collection is well organized with a system of artist\album\artist - track # - song title but after having used WinAmp's media library and my Creative Zen Vision W's interface, I'm starting to like having the option to browse by genre and other options as well. So I'd like to have the best of both worlds.
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