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Originally Posted by ChrisV2 View Post
The FM transmitter plugged into the car's 12vdc outlet, and it had a 1/8" stereo cable that plugged into the Zen's headphone jack. The instant I plugged it into the Zen, it was like the Zen was 'zapped'. I got the "low power" predicament after removing the connection to the FM transmitter and trying to use the Zen as I always had...with headphones.
Oh, one of those. Yeah, those 12v types that can be dangerous to portable devices. They can sometimes (many times with low-end types) lack to proper protection (back flow current protection) needed.

Originally Posted by ChrisV2 View Post
Your theory could be right. Maybe the FM transmitter's input jack was shorted. I still sort of "blame" the Zen however -- within reason the external interfaces to this device ought to be protected.
Well, you didn't completely fry your Zen now did you? It could have been worse. After all, the Zen didn't plug in the transmitter.

Originally Posted by ChrisV2 View Post my Zen is turning off abruptly when in the middle of video playback. It never did that before. I get the "rebuilding" screen next, and all my settings are lost.
I wonder if any of the internal flash memory was damaged....

Originally Posted by ChrisV2 View Post
On the plus side the clock is keeping time now, which it never did before.
Wow, that is pretty strange.

Originally Posted by ChrisV2 View Post
Sigh. Remind me again why we need all these nifty electronic toys...
You said it..... they're nifty.
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