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Default average battery life for yp-u3?

I just got a new u3 from circuit city. I like almost everything about it except the annoying battery life.
It can only last about 6 hours after fully charged. but the claimed battery life should be around 15hrs.

Can anybody tell me what's the average battery life of this mp3-player? I'm considering whether to return it or make an exchange.

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volume at 20 ... fully charged
it give me among 8-10- hours non stop
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I get a bit less, 6 -8 hours. Radio mode about 4.
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It would be pretty easy to mod this player with another better battery.

Original one is only 3.7V @ 250mAh. Charge state is @ 4.2V.

I would just put a 1900mAh to start with it.

Yep, 7.6x more, so if it last 10h using the original, it would last 76h with a new one.

Btw, the original one is here:

Way too expensive.


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Hi, mine lasts about 8-10 hours when fully charged. It's still going stong even after a year of use!
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