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Default Playlist 500 song max vs. Shuffle

Is there any way to get around the 500 song max on the Sansa View?

Alternatively, is there any way to get it to recognize the folders I create on the player, and then do a single-folder shuffle?

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I do not use playlist. So I do know about the 500 song limit.

As for the folders, the View will not read them. It will only read the tag info.

If you know how to program, you might want to look into Rockbox.
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Just out of curiosity, why would you need a 500 song playlist? When would you have time to listen to it? Cool user name.

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Originally Posted by Leviathsin View Post
Cool user name.
Heh, I'm a big Dune fan myself.

I don't know anything about playlists for the view :P
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Default View Playlist Limit Workaround

I've run into the 500 song playlist limit myself and found this thread while trying to figure out a workaround.

There is somewhat of a workaround available by playing from the genre mode, which does not limit the number of songs (currently I'm shuffle playing through over 1,000 "Blues" tunes). Of course using the genre mode for your playlist workaround will only work if you want your playlist to be genre-specific, or if you take the time to manually edit your genre tags to create a "genre playlist".
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well if you were a full time DJ and you pulled music to supplement anything you play live for say an 8 hour night, having 500+ is easyly had.

it is not WHY people have them, it is WHO has them.
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I want to create a 1000+ song playlist, because I want to exclude podcasts and things that are not recognized as podcasts but music.
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