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  • I would like the option to manually override docking without having to half insert the usb plug or disable drivers on the pc. That way I can listen to it while it trickle powers off the laptop, and do cpu intensive tasks that won't interfere with music or vice versa.
  • I would like the option to have more screen space devoted to album graphics, perhaps by minimising the progress bar to the top, and making the font smaller to accomodate a larger album pic after a second or two, or by electing to keep the full graphic up without it reverting after a few seconds. Seems a shame to have 320x240 screen capable of showing 16.7 million colours and then scrimping on graphic options. Part of the pleasure of cds (and lps if like me you are old enough to remember) was the album cover.
  • Conversely I would like the option to have the back light permanantly on or off.
  • Screensavers.
  • I would like the radio to work properly (they patched this in the x-fi firmware update but it still isn't great, and zen users didn't even appear to get that patch.) and to be able to record from it. Audio-in (other than mic) would be good too. If the phone socket isn't reversible then it should be possible with a usb to phono adapter and the right software on board.
  • An in car option where it powers on or off with ignition, as well as duplicating audio out that is independant of the headphone settings, perhaps with louder default sound output in this setting, and its own eq settings. This would save having to reset settings and volume evertime you car from car unit to earphones and back again.
  • The opportunity to set clock display as a screensaver. You can already see an analogue clock if you manually drill to it. Would be cool to see it as a screensaver, also to have a little analogue clock on the main screen instead of digital.
  • The ability to import and export to/from the SD slot. I understand the market argument against seamless integration but it would be great to do this to add flexibility generally. It already has a limited ability to import pictures, so you can emplty your SD card in your camera while on holiday.
  • The ability to see video file details. (like file size, date added, codec used.) I know pics use exif and music uses ID3 but this would be a welcome option in the "view details" menu.
  • The ability to ffwd or rewind through a video without a blank screen (ie seeing the video in ffwd)
  • The ability to write simple memos and to-dos in the extras menu and attach an alarm to them.
As a separate thing entirely outside of creative's control, it would be great if airlines and bus /train companies added a USB power bus socket by each seat. (a bus on a bus?) On long haul this would be brilliant, as it would be very difficult to carry and install a spare battery for this player, though ttp:// offer an option Perhaps this option already exists on planes and longdistance coaches, I don't fly much so don't know. Cool if it did.
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