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Default MTP problems on Debian (new libmtp version 0.3.5)

Here is some info from Graham Hawkins (date 06-June-2008):
There has been some recent activity at libmtp to make recent Sansa models (inc Fuze) work in MTP mode.
Turns out that the newer Sansas need to see an MS OS Descriptor probe before
turning on MTP (even if MTP mode is explicitly selected).
This appears to be on a per connection basis - so when you unplug it, it will
(probably) forget it was in MTP mode.
It is not clear what mode the Sansa thinks it is in if MTP is selected but the
MS OS Descriptor is not probed - maybe that explains some strange behaviour on
Linux systems.

Has someone checked libmtp 0.3.5 on Debian?
Are Sansa devices now supported?


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