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Default Zen V seems to be dead.

I have a Zen V 2Gb and I've always used winamp to change the music in it. I also recently bought a new computer, with windows vista instead of xp. The first time I connected the player to Vista, it recognised it fine, it docked, and it appeared on winamp. Then I asked winamp to remove de songs from the device, as I always did, and it did so. After that the problems started. When i tried to add new music, winamp stopped responding. When i tried to go through explorer and open the zen drive, explorer stopped responding. Now none of my computers or laptops recognise the zen, it won't dock or charge, in fact, it doesn't even turn on. I've tried resetting and nothing happened, and it doesn't even go into recovery mode. Is there anything I can do or is it dead for good?
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Welcome. So, it went from being recognized and not responding to not even turning on? Did you allow for the battery to run down? The Zen will not dock or be recognized until it is powered on. Leave it plugged into the computer for a day or so to see if it turns on and begins charging again. Once you get the Zen powered back on and charged, I would boot into Recovery Mode and do a Cleanup to see if that corrects the not responding issue.
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