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Originally Posted by BobbyRS View Post
This is the progressive sync issue that the new Zen and Zen X-Fi suffers from regardless of which firmware is installed. Are you certain that you did not have this problem before upgrading to this firmware version?

See this thread for more information.

Boot into Recovery Mode and select the Reload firmware option. Then, when prompted, connect to the computer and execute the firmware version you would like to install.

Thanks for your response. As to your first question I have had this Model since Oct or Nov of 2008 and it has worked perfectly, especially the video part. It was only since last week when I downloaded the lastest firmware that this problem has surfaced.

As for the thread I will review it tonight at home.

When you refer to "Recovery Mode", I assume you are referring to the "Creative MP3 Recovery Tool", if so I have done this and it has not corrected the problem.

Again thanks very much for your response.
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