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Hi there ! You can download the manual and useful software related to the Fuze from the Sansa website (

Let me give you a short description of what the both programs do:

Sansa updater: lets you update the firmware of your player and the Sansa Media Converter. The firmware is the operating system of the Fuze. Sometimes new versions are coming out, that add new features and/or fix errors discovered in past versions.

Sansa Media Converter: use this tool to copy videos and images to your player. Videos won't play on your Fuze, if they haven't been passed through this software.

A quick advice at the end, as many new users are confused with this: you should decide, whether you want to use your player in MSC or MTP USB mode (you can set a mode in the settings). Files added in MSC aren't visible in MTP (on your PC) and vice versa - many ppl are complaining, that suddenly their files were gone, because they had set it to "auto". You can find information on the pros and cons of each mode on this board. My suggestion is, if you are using Windows Mediaplayer or Rhapsody, you should (or must) use MTP, if not, your probably better off with MSC.
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