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Thanks...i can live without DRM and Media Player playlists so that's good to know. One thing that has confused me slightly is this (taken from here):

As for album art, well without MTP album art would be a much bigger problem. In fact, I'm not aware of any UMS device that supports album art - if anyone knows of any, I'd love to check it out. With MTP, album art is part of the album object on the device - which is populated either by an embedded jpg, separate album art file or a download from a media server. Without MTP, and it's concept of objects, this functionality doesn't work - of course, not to say that it couldn't be done with UMS - but do you really want a low powered device like a DAP doing the grunt work of parsing and extracting album art from media files on the fly?
Does that mean that the way files are handled during transfer is different? I'm confused as despite trying to research i'm coming up with little...the sample music and video that came with the S639 all had album art, but when opened in one of the above tag tools none was displayed. I'm assuming that this means it's not being contained in the ID3 tags. If i switch to from MTP to UTP and use a tag tool to insert album art into the tags am i really creating a difference after transfer? I'm finding it difficult to understand how the album art would be encoded differently after transfer by MTP, and that last sentence implying that a DAP needs to work harder getting art from it's tag if you're not using MTP confuzzles me.
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