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I tested now both my Samsung P2 (much lesser dropouts) and my Htc Hd mobile phone (not a single dropout very impressed)

I am going to call Sony and if i have to send it in for warranty i even do that the bluetooth signal on the sony can impossible be that weak

Here is my test so far on my bluetooth players:

Player in panths:
Sony A828 - Dropout all the time is just useless
Samsung P2 - Some dropouts but is okey to listen to
Htc HD phone - Not a single dropout very impressing

Player in jacket:
Sony A828 - Lesser dropout but still irritating
Samsung P2 - almost no dropouts
Htc Hd phone - Not a single dropout

Player in hand sitting still:
Sony A828 - Almost no dropout
Samsung P2 - almost no dropout
Htc Hd phone - No dropout at all

Player in hand walking :
Sony A828 - Some dropout bit better than sitting and having it in jacket
Samsung P2 - some dropout but much lesser than Sony
Htc Hd phone - Not a single dropout

HTC wins hands down here followed by Samsung
People that buy the sony expecting it to use it for only bluetooth might be dispointed either that or my Sony a828 is broken

I will call Sony and see what they say
is a shame because the sony else is a great player is only the Bluetooh conexion that is bugging me is totaly useless
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