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Old 01-28-2009, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Sansa is fun View Post
Initial Software and Hardware Impressions of the Sansa View:

Hardware comments after an evening of listening and viewing (no pun intended) on the Sansa View:
* I like the new "Thumbwheel". It still glows the "cool blue" like the e200 series and the outside buttons are integrated into the "Thumbwheel" similar to the iPod. The "Thumbwheel" looks more professionally done and works smoother than the e200 series scroll button.
* The Sansa View still has the beloved "Home" button that really helps navigation.
* Under the "Settings - Info", the memory shows 15530 MB on the Sansa View and 15299 MB Free. Initially there are 20 demo songs, one beautiful BBC nature video and ten photos. I show Firmware Version 01.00.00A.
* The back of the Sansa View does not have the LiquidMetal of the Sansa e200 series and but instead has a black rubberized metal for the back. There are no screws so there will probably not be a way to easily replace the battery.
* For the power on/off and reset button, you have to use the "Hold" switch on the left side of the Sansa View.
* The MicroSD slot is on the right hand side of the Sansa View. My 2GB MicroSD card worked fine without the long bootup required in the e200 series of Sansa players. The first time the MicroSD card is inserted, there is a database refresh but then the Sansa View almost turns on instantly.
* The headphone jack is on the bottom of the Sansa View next to the USB connection. (Not a good choice since I prefer the traditional location on the top of a MP3 player but this is just my preference.)
* Initial sound quality is still too early to judge - first impression is that there is better stereo imaging.
* Album cover images are much clearer and sharper and work similar to the e200 series players. There is a nice feature where you can select "Display Art in Lists" and the Album cover shows at the top of the Song List for that album. Not quite like the new iPod Cover Flow but at least a nice addition.
* I'm a big Rhapsody fan and still have to test the Sansa View with Rhapsody.
* Turning on the Sansa View with the on/off "Hold" switch on the left hand side produces a quick "on" compared the slower e200 series.

Overall conclusion:
* Smooth, easy-to-use, nice-looking.
* Only negatives are the lack of a case and the size - slightly bigger than the Sanse e200 series and not including a built-in lanyard. I use my MP3 players on a long bus/train commute and need the safety of a neck lanyard or a clip case.
* Lots of flash memory - price per GB can't be beat.
* So far, no bugs or glitches - the Sansa View works great out of the box!

Overall, a great addition to the Sansa family. I can't wait to fill up all that wonderful 16GB of flash memory. So far, I love my Sansa View.
It is quite clear that your tests were minimul, because
I only wish my Sansa View was as good as you seem to make out,


The Sansa View is about the worst Audio Player I have ever encounted

I am back using my Ipod 4G while I am waiting for help from the poor support that Sansa offers on the View Model

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