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Default Fuze won't charge!!Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I got a new 4g Fuze and plugged it into my laptop for the initial charge. It fully charged just fine. I took it to work, the charge lasted for two days, two 12 hour shifts, and still had a little time left. I completely discharged it A: to avoid the battery developing a "memory" and thereby a shorter playing time and life span, and B: I've been told this is hard on Li-po batteries? Not so sure about that, but....Anyway, I am VERY angry with it because now I cannot get the damn thing to a full charge. If I leave it plugged to ANY computer, it just turns itself off after a short period, like 15 to 20 mins., and will not accept a charge. I left it hooked to the computer for THREE DAYS and it only charged about 1/4 charge!!! I did take it to work and it lasted for about 9 hours on this charge, but, I WOULD REALLY LIKE THE DAMN THING TO ACCEPT A FULL CHARGE!!!! I'm off for the next two days and would really like to have this figured out by then. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks in advance from the frozen tundra of Anchorage Alaska!
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Sounds defective to me. I'd take it back to where I got it and get a replacement.
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First, current generation of Li-ion (and Li-Poly) has no 'memory effect' problem (it mainly affect NiCd battery, even NiMH has very little problem with memory effect). There is absolutely no need to fully drain Li-ion battery. In fact, you should NOT fully drain Li-ion battery all the time. The one weakness Li-ion battery has, is it must maintains a minimum voltage to make sure the chemicals inside will not go into 'run-away' mode (that is, the chemical process that produces the electricity becomes overdriven and can no longer be reversed / charged). It is possible (though not likely) that your action to drain the battery cause the battery to overdraw thus damage the battery and causeing it to lost the ability to hold charge. A new Li-ion battery will benefit most if you recharge it often to ensure the chemicals stay as active as posible. You can occasionally drain the battery to 5~10% to complete a power cycle, but you should avoid fully drain all the time. If you draw the battery too hard and cause it to go below its minimum voltage, the battery will be damaged.

Second, I do think you might have a lemon in your hand and you should return it for a replacement. However, I'll also suggest you check the dock connection (both cable and socket) first to make sure it isn't obstacled by things like dirt.

Third, just so you know, exporesure to extreme weather can damage battery as well. If it is too cold, some battery will refuse to charge.

Hopefully you can get it to run again

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