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I have both the NWZ-E438F and the NWZ-A816 and much prefer the A816. The main reason recently purchased the E438F was for the larger capacity (8GB) over the A816 (4GB).

My own experience with the E438F is that while it doesn't rebuild the library every time you start the player, it often does (especially when the player has been inactive for a while). In comparison, the A816 only builds the library when you disconnect it from the computer after adding/deleting files. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds (less than 30 seconds) for the E438F to rebuild the library, and other times it takes much longer.

Besides the library issue, another reason I prefer the A816 over the E438F is that the E438F often feels sluggish when I'm using it, especially when I've loaded a large number of files on it. As an illustration, when I loaded the player to near capacity and went to pull up my playlists it took several seconds to list all of them (it listed two or three of them and then after a few seconds it listed the rest). I've found that this is less noticeable when there are fewer files on the player.

As far as sound quality goes, the E438F sounds great. For me, the reduced number of sound-alternation features with E438F is a non-issue since I rarely use them. Both the E438F and the A816 have great default sound. To me, the screen and user interface of NWZ-E438F are as good as any of the recent Sony players.

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