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Default Fuze and Clip a good idea?

i recently purchased a new black 8gb Fuze for 78 bucks through amazon(should arrive in a few days)

i was wondering if you guys thought it would be worth it to also buy a 8gb clip($50 from walmart)

from the specs, it seems the fuze is smaller and thinner than my previous insignia pilot

i have a problem with dropping my gadgets, and the clip seems like it could withstand a drop or at least is light enough to hang from my headphones

or is the fuze small and light enough to take everywhere with me

any suggestions?
i am having a hard time justifying 2 mp3 players, so any advice is appreciated
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I have one of each. The 8GB Fuze goes with me everywhere, it keeps me sane at work and keeps me from road raging when I drive. The 2GB Clip is my gym player, and gets to go places that are too dangerous for the the pretty and shiny Fuze. I am definitely glad to have both, they both have their own little specialty.

And yes, the Clip can withstand a drop from roughly 5 feet 5 inches height. It fell from my shoulder strap...
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I also have one of each. The Fuze was my first, and so holds a special place in my heart. Seriously though, I have about 11GB of music on it, and I use it daily. But the Clip is so much lighter, that yes, it will hang from the headphones if your cord is short, and it's light enough that it just bounces. The Fuze is significantly heavier than the CLip. It's not heavy, but in comparison to the Clip it is. So usually I use the Fuze around the house, and the Clip everywhere else. And of course , the Fuze doesn't have a clip. So the shirt pocket thing is ok , as long as you don't lean too far forward and see it fall . If you have hacky-sack skillz you can break it's fall at least. lol
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i suck at hacky sack but to compensate for my scary clumsiness i have learned to give my falling electronics a slight kick to cushion the fall
i've saved quite a few gadgets that way

sadly my pilot's screen was just too sensitive

i am going to pick up a clip, i don't want to risk the fuze at the gym, plus i find armbands uncomfortable

thanks for the advice
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