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Originally Posted by Cathryes View Post
Use MediaMonkey but DONT sync.
After you make a playlist:
Right-Click on playlist > Send too > Your player
This will for some reason convert the playlist to .pla which sankdisk uses.
Also if you want album art in media monkey)
Tools > options > Portable/Audio Devices > Sansa Fuze > configure > Device Configuration > Check "Sync all album to Track folder( folder.jpg )

I tried to get media monkey to organize music and add album art, playlists, etc., and instead got a malware-trojan horse-type virus that made me have to re-do my computer. I may not know much about viruses, but I do know that when I tried to fix the problem with system restore, IT DIDN'T WORK, and it would not even let me access my hard drive like you're supposed to, so I couldn't even get to the registry to delete it there. Then whenever I plug in my psp or fuze to the newly re-done computer, it comes up with the same error about trying to access the virus, and it even created some new folder I never put there. (IT PUT A VIRUS ON MY FUZE) So now I'm going to have to format all my portable devices so AVG doesn't detect a threat every time I just want to put music on my USB devices, and that may not even work if it has already messed with the original sansa software.

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