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Originally Posted by Kaos-Melody View Post
Both the links you posted lead to threads indicating that this is a false positive, and that MediaMonkey is neither a trojan or some other kind of malware.

An application that automatically updates itself when you start it can set off an anti-virus program, and so can applications that run in the background, essentially any processes that run in a manner similar to malware will set off a false positive. For example, if I was to believe my Avast uncondintionally and without questioning, the publishers of all the games on my system gave me malware.

A game updater is a piece of software that downloads and installs other software onto my PC. That's trojan-like behavior, so Avast screams at it. When it happens I tell Avast not be paranoid and to ignore this file next time, and move on. I don't have a problem with this, I would rather see false positives than see a virus infect my computer, so I look very closely at any file Avast flags. If I don't recognize it I get a second opinion either from Jotti or Kaspersky's online scanner.

Bottom line, MediaMonkey does not give you a virus, and false cries of wolf are neither helpful, nor are they that educational.
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