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Default Problem with Sansa Fuze 8gb

Hey all, I bought a Fuze sometime in December along with a cheap 8gb MicroSD on Amazon, and I've been loving it. Recently I plugged the thing into my PC to change out some songs (since capacity is always full I have to remove something to put on something new for now), and no songs show up at all on the Fuze itself. It shows songs just fine that are on my Micro SD, just not the ones on the Fuze's memory. I've tried taking out the Micro SD, and plugging it back in, and the same problem. It shows the songs on the Fuze that SHOULD be in the folder when I plug it into my PC and plays them fine. Anyone know what's going on?
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I'm no expert (I owned a Fuze, but only for about 2 weeks) but I would guess that the problem has something to do with the MSC / MTP option. Music files are only visible in the same mode in which they were loaded. So if you connect the player in MSC mode, load on a bunch of music, then connect it to your computer at a later time in MTP mode the music will not be available. In that situation you'd want to connect the player in MSC mode again, in which case the music should be available again.

IIRC the player has 3 choices: MSC, MTP, or "Auto Select". It's possible that the first time the player was plugged in it automatically selected MSC, and the subsequent times it selected MTP. I suggest you manually choose one of the modes, connect the player to your computer, and see if the music is displayed. If it isn't, manually change to the other mode and make sure the music is displayed.

Like I said, I don't have the player any more, but if I remember right the MSC/MTP option was in...
Settings -> System -> USB [something]


I reread your post and have another thing you should look into... I've heard that although the Fuze will treat both memory banks as a single memory bank while the player is being used it will actually show up as two separate "media players" in Windows. Double check the drives available on your computer and make sure the Fuze isn't showing up as another drive letter.

I wonder if you may have filled one memory bank using one mode (MTP) and the other bank using the other mode (MSC). I would guess that would force you to keep manually switching the modes back and forth to load music. If this is the case, I'd switch the player to MSC mode, copy all the music off whatever memory bank is accessed in that mode to my HDD, delete all the music (from the player, not the backup of course), then switch the player to MTP mode (the mode I prefer as it enables song ratings) and copy the music back onto the player.

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Thank you very much for your help. Simply changing it from MSC to MTP makes both visible. I thought my Fuze was broken or something like that, I'm glad it was a simple fix. Thanks again!
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