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Originally Posted by Awesome_Aleks View Post
Hey guys, I just got a Sony Walkman S739FB for Christmas

I was curious on how people here are getting album art on their device, looking fer specifics here (such as the resolution and format of their pictures, program used, etc)

I'm having problems using Media Monkey and MP3Tag for AAC music, I can't see any Album Art using these programs
I use MediaMonkey (MM) to manage my music collection and to load it on my player. As far as album art goes, I do the following:

- Resize the album art to a size of 240 pixels x 240 pixels and ensure that it is in jpg format. Per recommendations on this website and my own experience with my Sony NWZ-A810 series player, that seems to be the optimal size for album art for Sony players. Music I've purchased from iTunes has album art that is sized 600 pixels x 600 pixels, so that could be causing a problem with the player displaying that album art.

- Use MP3Tag to embed the album art into each track's ID3 tag.

- Load the music into MM. I have set it to use only the version 2 of the ID3 tag and to embed the album art into the track's ID3 tag.

- If the song is already on the player, I delete it from my player and then let MM reload the song on my player.

I've found this is a reliable way to get album art to display on my player.

I've also used Media Manager For Walkman to load music on my player, and it reliably shows the album art when putting the songs on the player.
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