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Thanks for possible new ideas.

I actually want to fall asleep to either a 15 to 20 min song or a 30 min segment of a radio talk show that I subscribe to. Coast to Coast AM (about 1 out of 5 shows interest me). In any case the selection changes each night.

Again, in an attempt to play only one song/track and stop I have explored the following:

When listening to a track in ALBUMS I have tried
1) do a GoList for just that track (8 button presses for navigation)
2) rate the song a particular way and play just that rating (7 button presses)
3) sleep timer (7 button presses)

I now use the sleep timer.

When listening to tracks in AUDIOBOOKS I have found
1) GoList unavailable
2) I've tried Ch. Mode on & off
3) sleep timer

I now use the sleep timer for this too.

It would just be more convienent for me if the FUZE were to implement the following menu structure:
Main Menu
- Music
- Albums
- name of the album desired
- Play All (play all tracks in the album) or
- track x (scroll to the desired track and play only that track then stop, instead of playing that track and every track after it in the album)

Any body know if SanDisk reads and considers software update ideas from the Update Forum?

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