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Originally Posted by bascom View Post
What is the guarantee? The 2gb is up to $40 now.
yeah 2 gig is $40 and the 4gig is now $50. not quite as good a deal considering you can get a new 2 gig for $47 and a 4 gig for $62 atm from Amazon, brand new.

that said i jumped on this deal at $30 and could not be happier. its my first mp3 player and its perfect. "as new" as they say. and to answer your question the warranty is the same as a new one, as well.

edit: also this deal here is from another thread

$40 brand new. i added it to my cart to check pricing and the grand total came to $44. i live in Cali so idk if that made a difference with tax and shipping and all that, but thats a pretty good deal on a new item. plus a 1 gig microSD card is included. not much, but its something

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