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For the price.
For the name "SanDisk".
Didn't want to buy a "fruit" product and pay extra for just the brand name .

Why I like it even more
Movies on it
FM Radio
Expandable memory
Voice recording
Radio Recording (haven't done much, but it's there if I want to use it).
Ease of use (WMP works and so I just use that).
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I was after a player that had a good sound quality, a low price, and was small while still having a screen I could read. I was not interested in proprietary software to sync with, either, because I am a control freak.

I faffed between the Fuze and the Clip for a while, but in the end it was the MicroSD slot that won me over. Since getting it, the audiobook and podcast features have turned out to be my favourite little perks.
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I was shopping for a new DAP because my well-loved Meizu's battery was lasting less and less long, and it annoyed me when I was out someplace with no tunes because of a dead battery.

I chose the Fuze because of:
1a) Expandibility
1b) MSC support
1c) Ogg and flac support
2) Experience with Sansa players. Friends and family have them and are happy with them.
3) Same basic size as the Meizu. (I could put my silicone case from my Meizu on it with a couple of mods.)
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I got my Fuze for free from an online sweepstakes, but I really love it now. The gf is jealous and I might buy her one of those pink refurbished ones from NewEgg.
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well it was on sale recertified for $30. never thought i needed an mp3 player but that price interested me. however only two gigs and that was not enough for me. then i saw storage was expandable and SDHC compatible. that interested me further. read some reviews from all over the place and it sounded like a good little player most people liked, if not loved

it arrived a few days ago and now i wonder how i lived without an mp3 player. this thing is GREAT. and because of the deal i got the player, a case, and a 4gig SDHC card for $47, total

those are the main reasons. but tbh the deal maker was the SDHC expansion capabilities. so if sansa company people read these forums, keep that capability on your players in the future. its nice to have
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