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Help Compile for e200 - where's rockbox.mi4?

Using VMWare/Debian 4 environment on WinXP

Following these instructions:

debian:~/rockbox/build_e200# ../tools/configure
Enter target platform:
Platform set to e200
Build (N)ormal, (A)dvanced, (S)imulator, (B)ootloader, (I)installer, (M)anual: (Defaults to N)
Normal build selected
Using source code root directory: /root/rockbox
Using arm-elf-gcc 4.0.3 (400)
Using arm-elf-ld 2.16.1
Created Makefile
debian:~/rockbox/build_e200# make
Generating dependencies
... [general mumbo jumbo] ...
debian:~/rockbox/build_e200# make fullzip
debian:~/rockbox/build_e200# make zip
debian:~/rockbox/build_e200# ls
apps  autoconf.h  bitmaps  lang  make.dep  Makefile  sysfont.h
I did the above, then went to \\debian\root\rockbox\build_e200 in windows to review the contents of the zip files. Neither contains rockbox.mi4. Hence, neither works when unzipped at root. I can install other previously compiled versions without problems, so I'm not installing it in correctly. I must be compiling it incorrectly.

What am I missing here?
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Ok, what the ./configure command did, was prepared a file (called a make file), to make the compiling of rockbox 100x easier. What you need to do now, is type in make. And it should compile it.
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You probably missed an error when you were compiling. You only get a rockbox.mi4 file if you actually finish compiling. If you just error out you don't get one.
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Oops, I didn't see a few lines their. It looks like you did do make. I'm sorry.

I would like to see the contents of the .zip file, along with the <general mumbo jumbo>, or at least the last part of it.
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Default Errors solved

I dumped my entire svn trunk checkout of rockbox and started with a fresh checkout. Then, I stepped through the recipe again, and everything is coming out correctly. rockbox.mi4 exists and the entire .zip file installs beautifully. I like the new usb capability. Awesome. Now I'm playing with some of the patches. I've already been successful with the anti-alias font patch. This looks like it will be fun.

I'd like to thank everyone for your help. It made me realize that sometimes it really is because the original files were corrupt.

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compile, e200, missing rockbox.mi4, sansa

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