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This is the instructions I followed:
Rockbox MAY void your warranty.


Rockbox instructions do not allow you to dual-boot (use the original Cowon firmware) without reinstalling it, while the iAudiophile instructions (in the following text) allow you to dual-boot. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE OTHER GUIDE (link below).

The complete Rockbox dual-boot installation instructions (thanks to cjbrooker for the original version of this guide):
* Dual-boot only works with any X5 with radio for now. Your X5 has no radio if it is called an X5V and obviously has no radio option in the original Cowon firmware menu.
* Create a directory on your computer at c:\rockbox
* Download the .zip file attached to this post (thanks to RaeNye for making it).
* Extract the contents to the c:\rockbox directory. There are 3 files: a Windows executable (mkboot.exe), the source file (mkboot.c) and the bootloader bin file.
* Get the latest (or other) X5 firmware from the Cowon website ( -> download -> F/W S/W -> iAUDIO X5 Firmware) and save it into the c:\rockbox directory (It will be called x5_fw.bin).
* For Windows users, go to start, then run, then type in "cmd" without the quotes", then press the enter key, then type "cd\rockbox" without the quotes in the command prompt window & press enter.
* In the command prompt window, type "mkboot -iax5 x5_fw.bin x5-dual-bootloader.bin new_x5_fw.bin" without the quotes & press enter. This will create your new dual boot firmware file (new_x5_fw.bin).
* Download the latest daily build (or other such as the Latest Official Build or Custom Unofficial Builds) for the X5 from Rockbox & save it to your c:\rockbox directory
* Attach your X5 to your computer via USB. Make sure the ac power lead is NOT connected to your X5.
* Copy the extracted file (rockbox.iaudio) and folder (.rockbox) from your Rockbox daily build download to the root directory of your X5.
* Copy the new_x5_fw.bin file to the FIRMWARE directory on your X5. Rename the file to x5_fw.bin
* Disconnect the USB and connect the ac power lead. The screen should display 'Firmware upgrade' and a progress bar.
* When this is done you should have a dual boot X5! (Short power on for Rockbox, long power on for Cowon firmware)
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