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Originally Posted by KodiakRV View Post
You cannot leave it plugged in overnight to charge. Here's my take on it -- It will not let you turn it "off" while plugged into a charger. If you turn it off, it comes back on.
The Zen will not power off because it is made to accept power over USB. As long as it is connected, it will stay powered on.

Originally Posted by KodiakRV View Post
I believe that it charges the battery for the first few hours until the batter is fully charged. Then the charging circuit cuts off, but the player stays on. It sits there the rest of the night in the "on" state, draining the battery with the charging circuit off. When you "wake" it back up in the morning, the battery is nearly drained back down to nothing.
This is not how a charging ciruit works. The charging circuit does not cut off. The charging circuit will stop the charge when reached full and switch to bypass to allow for power directly without charging. Once the battery's charge level drops below a full charge again, the charging circuit should keep applying a topping-off charge when detected a drop in charge below full. This process will repeat as long as you have the Zen plugged in and on.

If your Zen is not doing this, then you may be having a hardware issue.
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