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Originally Posted by zickZackMann View Post
I got a tip for you: the Fuze displays the album art with a resolution of 120x120 (in pseudo full-screen mode), so you get much better quality, when you save you album art in this resolution. Because the Fuze doesn't need to resize them, what reduces the quality considerably.

What I do, is to resize the original, big, images to 122x122 and then crop them to 120x120 - to cut off the border, that is sometimes present. You can do this easily with FastStone Photo Resizer, which is a free software. I keep the original image together with the resized and proper renamed one in the album folder and set them as hidden (with Windows Explorer), so they won't show up when browsing photos.
Great tip but still have a problem with naming. I haven't got the Fuze yet but would like to prepare for that. The starting point is that I have tracks in album folders where are also folder.jpg's in varying (i.e. wrong) sizes. With FastStone I could batch convert them easily into 120X120 without renaming but that would overwrite the originals. Batch renaming the originals first using parent folder name would also be easy, but batch converting them using Rename into folder.jpg seems impossible, min. 1 digit of sequential number is added. So the only solution I can think of is to first drag-and-drop album folders (with wrong size folder.jpg's) from HD into Fuze and then batch convert folder.jpg's from HD without renaming, using Fuze as the output folder, preserving folder structure and allowing overwriting. In that case this file hiding thing wouldn'y have any meaning (don't quite get it). Anyway would this work or is there another way? Thanks.
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