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Default "file format not supported"?? (theme help)

Ive been having some real problems trying to get themes on my Spinn.

Ive been on every website, every forum,.. and iriver support is a joke so I would very much appreciate someone could please help

I have
○ downloaded several themes mainly from
the korean iriver site and the cafe.naver site
○ Dragged and dropped the temes into the spinn theme folder
○ And from there on everything goes wrong:

*The problem is everytime I go to set ANY theme on my spinn...
When I touch/ click it.. the screen says:
*"this file format is not supported"

Can someone please tell me either what is wrong or what I am doing wrong.

There is one exception though..
the theme which i am most interested in is the "cube" [cube_bacchus_spinn_2_0] theme, on the iriver site.
(photo and link below)
○(I have already downloaded it)..but:
○ Everytime I press this theme on my spinn it either goes directly to the BASIC iriver theme or just shuts itself off.

Thanks ahead!!!!

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Which firmware are you using? Whether or not you are able to use this theme depends greatly on the firmware you have installed. This one doesn't work with the newest version.
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I have the new firmware.
Actually..I half fixed the problem, and i feel kinda dumb now...
I have been using MTP usb connection for windows media because I didnt want to use Plus 3..
but i switched it back to MCS and now about 5 of the themes work..
but none of them are too impressive.
But there are some that are said to work, but still dont..unfortunatly.

Thanks for telling me that the Cube theme doesnt work in the new firmware..
I would have been going crazy trying to make it work!!

Are there any good looking ones out there? lol
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