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Default A816 connection problems

My walkman has always worked fine since last year when I bought it. I would connect it to my PC and drag/drop my music, pictures and even a few videos. The last time I successfully transfered media without any errors was a month ago.

Now my walkman will not connect to the computer. Almost all of the times it would connect, sometimes it would charge, sometimes it wouldn't but it would display Unknown device under the USB section in device manager. A couple times it did connect in MTP and would show as MTP device in Portable device, but it wouldn't finish loading.

I've tried all the usual fixes. Reset, Restore, Format, remove WMP11 and reinstall WMP11 to no avail for the past 2 days.

Coincidentally, my wife's A816 that I bought at the same time stopped charging as well (she is currently out of the country).

Anybody have any ideas?
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So I've just been able to sync (temporarily) my player after some massive fandangling. I connected my player to a Vista machine at work and I am now able to sync and navigate the drive to copy my music to the machine. It took quite a few attempts. I was able to do the same thing 2 days ago on another Vista machine at work but haven't succesfuly repeated it until now.

Basically what I did was looked at the WM-Port and noticed that it was a bit dirty. Not having any non conductive supplies around and figuring the player was bad anyway, I used a small tool with a thumbtack sized bent tip to start scraping some of it off. I got as much gunk out as possible from the contacts. I got a spark while cleaning. which shut the player off with no response from the buttons but then turns on when you connect it to the computer. The computer still wouldn't recognize it and it would be just as before, either Unknown USB device or Portable MTP device without being able to navigate or sync in either case. After reconnecting a few times it finally loaded the MTP driver and the autorun pop-up displayed on the computer asking me what I wanted to do (Sync, Open and view files). This is the point I'm at now. I am copying my music to this machine so that I can transfer it to another Walkman I bought last night (A728).

I am thinking something is wrong with my WM-Port where it's not getting a reliable connection.

I have a few questions:

1) Has anybody experienced something like this before?
2) Are there any disassembly instructions for the A810 series?
3) If you set the driver to UMS mode on one computer does it apply it to the player as well for when you connect it to another computer or does the player try to connect via MTP on the new computer?
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