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I can confirm this is a problem. I have a 30GB ZVM modded with a Toshiba 60GB MK6008GAH drive. I'm now looking at getting a larger drive so was worried about this 20,000 track limit.

Today I built a library consisting of 20001 1-second tracks, reformatted my Zen, and synced it up with WMP. I was able to sync successfully, and I can access the 20001st track through the playlist that contains it, through "Artists", or through "Albums". (Note that WMP has a 10,000 track limit on playlists, so I used three playlists . . . not sure if the Zen has a limit on tracks in a playlist.)

However, as the original poster stated, "All Tracks" does have a limit of 20,000.

That's too bad. Good excuse for a new player, though...looking at the Zune 120 now.
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