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Help Switching from Rhapsody to Zune.

Ok well I am getting a zune 120 or 80 so I need to end my Rhapsody subscription. I really have no idea what the New Zune Marketplace and zune pass is like. It looks nice but i don't know what its like and stuff. So those of you that have zunes and use the zune marketplace/zune pass how is it?
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I haven't ever used Rhapsody, so can't compare, but I can tell you about Zune Marketplace.

First of all, the Zune desktop software is an all-in-one solution. It organizes your collection, syncs it to the player, plays media, and accesses Zune Marketplace. (Rhapsody probably does this, too, I just don't know). There is no "drag-and-drop" with a Zune, it's all done with the Zune desktop software. A Zune Pass, as you know, is the subscription. It's $14.99/month for the ability to play and download music. That price also includes 10 free (as in, you own it and keep it, even if you cancel your Zune Pass) MP3's. That's basically a CD a month. Not all music is eligible for the 10 free/month, though, which can be dissappointing. Additional music or videos are paid for with "points" you purchase.

So far I've found several albums to "rent", and I've used my 10 free/month and been satisified. There are podcasts as well that are free. I'm not much into videos, but they are available for purchase with Zune Points.

I have 10,000+ files, and the Zune software, to me at least, makes it quite easy to manage my collection over 2 devices. The software has the ability to fix your tags as well, although some have had some less-than-satisfying results. You can configure it to replace tags, fill-in tags, or leave them alone. It can also find album art pretty well, too. It has been better at this than I have with other programs.
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Just download the Zune software and see for yourself. It's pretty cool for discovering new bands with the "related" button and/or "mixview". You can even see top listeners of an artist/album, then check out what they're listening to... the Marketplace is a really nice place for music discovery. Like jkj said you can also listen or stream songs/albums rather than download them if you please. I'd like to see them make Channels and Picks better. Channels are basically programmed playlists of genres. Picks are playlists based on what you listen to. In theory they sound awesome but are rather dull at the moment.

The streaming thing is pretty cool. I was listening to an album the other day in my store and this girl walks up and asks who's playing and I said Ra Ra Riot and she said wow they sound kind of like Rogue Wave so I immediately looked them up and played their newest album. She was like what website allows you to play their album? After explaining I basically pay $5 for unlimited rentals a month ($10 for the 10 free tracks) she was really impressed and said she was going to look into it.
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