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Originally Posted by VinLew View Post
i have MTP on my Samsung YP-T10, and with Windows XP SP3 and WMP 11, it isnt recognised. Would it be to bigger ask to get a release of drivers that support this MTP device? There is firmware avalible to switch the player to UMS, but you need to be able to access the root as a MTP device to upload the firmware files. also, changing the firmware to UMS invalidates the warrenty

You don't say what fimware you are using plus you could have a Faulty USB port, does the USB remove tool show up in the Task Manager.

I have used the same setup with XP SPY no problem and I did not bother in what version WMP I had, in the end I found it was far better to change the fimware to MSC.

XP will install the drivers for the T10 but not if you have USB problems..
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