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Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
I wouldn't say it will make your headphones twice as loud, but that would be harmful to your ears anyway. Either one will play my music to uncomfortably loud levels on any of my headphones. The switchable bass boost is really nice though, for different headphones, or styles of music even.

Also, unless you have rechargeable AAA's for the E3, you'll end up buying batteries, especially if you forget to unplug the phones (it can happen to any of us). If you have a wall charger for your Clip, it will work for the E5 too.
Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
I really don't use amps for volume boosting (I listen at very quiet levels) but I guess the E5 can go louder than the E3. The E5 has much less hiss, and way better THD/IMD than the E3... and you can hear it. Only the channel separation/stereo crosstalk isn't fixed... other amps are still better in that aspect. But for 20 bucks the E5 sure doesn't have to be afraid to be compared to "real" amps.

More here, including RMAA tests:
Cool. I didnt really expect it to be twice as loud, but was curious if it (the E5) did add a noticeable amount of volume over the E3(which, btw is plenty loud). And I am definitely using a rechargeable AAA in the E3. Ive already drained one by leaving my phones plugged in. I just ordered the E5(coudnt wait. lol) so it should be here Monday'ish. Thanks to both of you for your input.
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