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Originally Posted by elektrik View Post
So basically the only good Sansa player to get would be the Fuze?
I just had to chime in on this thread. Yes if I was you I wouldn't get a View precisely because of the poor reviews previously mentioned. But your saying that buying a Fuze is like a poor second choice?. As I have said in other threads the Fuze is by far the best 'bang for your buck' player on the market right now. I would pick a Fuze over an Ipod Nano EVERY SINGLE TIME. I've had mine for over a year now and love it to death. Sounds GREAT, does decent video, radio is good, memory is expandable, OGG and FLAC support, now with folder navigation,..I mean what more can you ask for in an $80 player?.

Pick up an 8GB Fuze $80 and a 16GB microSDHC card on Ebay (I've seen them as low as $45 btw), and for roughly $125 you got yourself a butt-kicking 24GB player dude!. And saving yourself $40 in the process over an Ipod Nano. Oh, and as far as Sandisk customer service goes I've had to deal with them twice over the past year (for my e200 not Fuze), and both times the experiences have been cordial and complaints.

I know the choice of what you do get is ultimately yours...I was just trying to open your mind to another possibility? Cheers!
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