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Default Zen Vision M Crashes while playing Video

Hi Folks most of the time I get my answers just by scrolling around here but this doesn not seem to have an answer. I have been lucky and my Zen Vision M has been working since quite well since ever. but recently it has started this issue
It hangs up while watching a video and then will not allow me to shutdown after that till the battery is completely drained.
is it the battery or the hard drive. Maybe its time to replace on or the other or both. If Anyone has any suggestion I will be grateful

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Well the first thing that popped in my head is the hard drive.
Um, I assume some of the videos you are trying to play have worked before on the ZVM?
And you have not done any firmware updates recently?

As far as not being able to shutdown after freezing...There is a reset hole at the did'nt mention if you had tried that.
Also you didn't mention if you have tried the Disk Clean Up option in the Recovery Mode.
When the ZVM is turned off, stick a paper clip in the reset hole while holding the power switch on. Let go of the reset while continuiing to hold the power switch until it turns on. This will take you to the Recovery Mode, and there you'll have some options, (Clean Up, Format All, Reload Firmware, Reboot) choose Clean Up then Reboot
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